The Script


Why Cary Grant? In a lifetime we span both world wars, the Great Depression, and on through the 1960’s Summer of Love. We watch a career that grows in step with film’s progression from the silent era to Hollywood’s golden age, as it ignites feuds with The Academy and big Hollywood studios. A man who wanders before the lenses of iconic directors Howard Hawks, Frank Capra, and Alfred Hitchcock, who acts alongside Sophia Loren, Doris Day, Grace Kelly, Katherine and Audrey Hepburn. A life always in the public-eye, reporters constantly hounding after his love-life: countless starlet courtships, intimate and norm-defying relationships with men, and multiple marriages to heiresses and actresses. It’s enough to drive a man mad and plenty to unpack with a Beverly Hills shrink who’s got a desk drawer full of legal LSD. 

Cary Grant was Hollywood’s greatest-ever leading man, a very modern man at that. This is his life’s mythology.

Why Me? When I was a kid I heard Marv Albert or someone on a basketball call describe Cary Grant as an orphan raised by acrobats. I told my mom I thought his life sounded like a great movie. Over the years Cary kept popping up in my life, every time I became more fascinated and impressed by the richness, complexities, and adventure in his life. It’s hard to not be inspired by such a good, true-life, rags to riches tale, especially as a sexually confused preacher’s kid raised in the rural south aspiring to have a career in story-telling. He’s my kind of guy!

What is the goal of the project? AVMM would be at home with any studio or production company dedicated to creativity and film history. The story, with its astounding environments and fascinating characters, has the upmost to offer every facet of artistic visual story-telling.

What’s next? I am currently working on an original feature length script, Rockaway , a coming of age story contemplating unrequited love, obsession, and pigeons have a lot to do with it.